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This Baby Will Never Meet Her Mother. The Reason Why Is Unforgettable.

Every child is a miracle. If you think about the gift of life, it’s amazing what it takes to create a little bundle of joy. However, for some people, starting a family doesn’t “just happen.” Laura Yoho was working out at the gym when she fainted. Doctors discovered that she had brain tumors and needed to quickly undergo treatment for cancer. She and her husband Nate had only been engaged for a few weeks when she was diagnosed.

They hadn’t gotten married and they certainly didn’t plan on just when to have children. She chose to receive chemotherapy, but she also decided to start a family with her husband Nate before it was too late. Just how she did it is something we have never heard of before.

Before receiving treatment, Laura had her eggs frozen. She didn’t want to miss an opportunity to have a child with the love of her life.

When Laura and Nate decided they were ready to start a family, even though she was dying, her best friend Kara Stetson stepped in to help.

Kara became a surrogate mother for the couple, so that they could both have the baby and have Laura get treatment.

Kara and Laura were best friends for 24 years. They never fought and they were like sisters.

So neither of them thought twice about Kara carrying Laura’s baby for her.

Then, little Caralyn was born.

Tragically, four months before Caralyn came into this world, Laura passed away from her cancer.

Nate was left with little Caralyn, but he’s not alone.

Before she died, Laura and Nate wrote letters, made videos and planned a way to tell little Caralyn all about the loving mother she had.

The things we do for those we love. It’s beautiful how generous others can be. Kara never questioned the thought of carrying her dying best friend’s child to term. This little girl is so lucky to have so many people that love her, before her birth, now, and forever.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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