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This Puppy Taught Me More In 1 Minute Than Anyone Else Has Done In A Lifetime.

Prepare to fall in love with a dog that lost his ability to walk, but not his ability to make you fall madly in love with him. His story was posted to Reddit and he has made countless fans online – you’ll soon see why. Jet was born a normal puppy, but then he became ill. He never regained his ability to control his back legs, but he doesn’t seem to mind much.

This is Jet as a puppy. He was always full of energy, joyful and ready to explore.

He was even great at posing.

Nap time with his brother Thor was always a favorite past time.

But then, one day, everything changed. Jet wasn’t running or playing as much as he used to. He even had trouble going up the steps. The vet believed that Jet hurt himself and that’s why he was hobbling around.

Jet was then taken to a veterinary hospital, his stiffness and paralysis was getting worse. The doctors determined he had autoimmune spinal meningitis. The disease rarely originates in the spine, which is why it took so long to diagnose.

His owners decided to sacrifice a lot of their money to treat the disease, which would be an ongoing process. They wanted their little puppy to live and to stop the paralysis.

It took days for vets to determine if the disease was stopped, but thankfully Jet was going to live. Jet spent a few weeks in the hospital receiving treatments.

The vets believed that, even after all of the treatments and recovery, that Jet would only live up to 6 months.

His loving family built him a wheelchair so he could get around without the use of his back legs. He couldn’t sprint, but he could still get around very well.

And for around the house, he scoots himself around in this adorable little bag.

Not to mention, he looks even more adorable in his wheelchair.

Even though his days might have been numbered, Jet kept a smile on his face.

During his recovery, he learned some tricks.

Learned the art of napping…

2 whole years later, he proved the vets wrong! He is alive and well. And still as cute as ever.

Jet beat the odds… and then some. This little guy teaches every single one of us that you never give up. You keep going and going with a smile on your face, no matter what life throws at you. And you just can’t learn that from a book. I’m on Team Jet. Source

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