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Trust Me When I Say You’re Gonna Want To See What This Epic Friendship Trio Does. OMG.

A lion, tiger and bear (named Leo, Shere Khan and Baloo respectively) were living a terrible life of abuse at the hands of a drug dealer. They were found as helpless cubs, starving and full of parasites, in an Atlanta home’s basement during a drug bust. They were whisked away from that terrible place and began their rehabilitation at Noah’s Ark, in Locust Grove, Georgia. Each had their own health issues, but together they healed and grew as friends.

Both Leo and Shere Khan had infection issues and were malnourished…

But Baloo was in the worst condition of them all.

He was kept in a harness from a young age, but it was never loosened as he grew. It required surgery to remove.

During his surgery was the only time the three brothers were ever separated.

Now the trio, affectionately named “BLT,” spend all of their time together.

They grew into three healthy adults.

They even live in the same enclosure, which is rare.

But because of their friendship from such an early age, it suits them.

All three are males; Leo never grew a mane because he was neutered at such a young age.

They are truly inseparable.

They survived a terrible experience together, creating incredible bonds of love.

These three know what is important.

And that’s spending time with those you love.

(H/T Twisted Sifter) The Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that has saved countless animals, but is currently home to over 1,500 creatures of varying species. The 250 acre sanctuary rescues and provides homes for the abused, abandoned or neglected animals they find. If you’re in Georgia, you should stop by. If not, visit this page to find out ways you can help their cause.

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