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What This Man Forgot When Waking Up From A Coma Is The Last Thing You’d Want To Forget.

It was a terrible day when Gary Richmond was jumped by thugs in the street. He was out during a World Cup soccer game and a crowd of youths were getting rowdy. He tried to calm them down, but they beat him so badly he fell into a deep coma. His partner, Karen, was told to say her goodbyes. Then, something truly miraculous happened: he woke up.

Doctors didn’t think he’d make it or wake up, but he proved them wrong. Unfortunately, when he did wake up, he lost his memory. His partner and daughter were strangers to him.

Karen wasn’t going anywhere, though. She wanted to help the love of her life, even if he wasn’t sure who she was.

Gary couldn’t remember his own daughter’s birth or her childhood.

“It’s so upsetting because Gary was there at the birth and he was a wonderful hands-on dad. We had shared so much together but he didn’t really know me. Even physically, it was like sleeping with a stranger.”

But then, more miraculous than his survival, was the fact that Gary began to fall in love with Karen all over again as he got better. He didn’t remember their history or when they met, but everything about this woman he was with for so many years swept him off of his feet.

Now, the two are a couple again, completely in love. They plan to have their wedding soon, during January, the month they originally met. Gary may still be recovering and the two will have to forge an entirely new relationship, but they are getting a second chance at happiness that no one else would have been able to get.


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