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When You See These 41 Animals Snuggle, Your Heart Is Gonna Burst.

Some people may think that it’s impossible for animals to have feelings, but this gallery proves them wrong. Each of these cuddly, snuggly animal piles shows just how many emotions most creatures can have. Maybe they can’t understand calculus (but hey, neither do I), but these animals can feel love. 

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a person who isn’t softened by this adorable gallery. Get ready for all of the AWW:

1.) Hugs for all!

2.) He wants to resist… but just can’t. I understand, kitty.

3.) MUAH!

4.) Even young male lions need a good cuddle now and then.

5.) But lion cubs? They need it every day.

6.) It’s just hard to believe lions don’t purr.

7.) If only I could pet those tummies.

8.) So. Much. FUZZ.

9.) I wouldn’t have this any otter way.

10.) Quit monkeying around and get to cuddling.

11.) This is why people love cats.

12.) Eek, the cute!

13.) This is too much adorable to handle.

14.) AWWWW-Ls!

15.) I wish I could hug these owls.

16.) Momma made some adorable pups.

17.) More puppies, please. 🙂

18.) Awzzzzebra.

19.) A trio of AWWW.

20.) Where does one lemur end and the next begin?

21.) Cute on cute on cute.

22.) Everyone loves a good group hug!

23.) I double dog dare you to NOT like this.

24.) Except maybe kittens cuddling at bed time.

25.) One of these snugglers is not like the other.

26.) This mess of cats is just too awesome.

27.) Meerkat cuteness… engaged.

28.) If only I could curl in in between these soft, soft, dangerous, soft lions.

29.) Nothing is cuter than a pile o’ ducklings.

30.) Puppy pile!

31.) Huskies were bred for adorable cuddles.

32.) Koalas have cornered the market on cute.

33.) Polar bear conga lines = adorable.

34.) And this.

35.) Dogs are pretty great, too.

36.) Who knew lemurs were so cute?

37.) Now this is how you nap.

38.) I… I can’t handle it. Too many hugs!

39.) Copy and paste cuteness.

40.) Thank you for being friends, koalas.

41.) These little guys are just LOVING it.

I just can’t handle how cute this is. I think my brain broke, on account of all of the adorable. Make someone’s day better by sharing this with them – just click on the Facebook Share button below!

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