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Why More People Should Have Pet Monkeys. We’re Not Monkeying Around.

“Hey, hey, we’re the Monkees!”

Those monkeys were pretty cool, but have you taken the time to appreciate real monkeys lately?

I’m a little obsessed with them. How can you not be? They’re furry creatures that look like people, but aren’t quite there. They still have the same interests and sense of humor as a toddler no matter how old they get. Here are some reasons why I love monkeys. 

1.) Goat, Monkey, Goat.

2.) This guy is sending a monk-ey-mail.

3.) This monkey just made a powerful ally.

4.) This insanely tiny monkey is making a meal out of two macaroni noodles.

5.) This monkey does not seem to care that his upgrade isn’t until next month.

6.) This monkey just discovered that his worst enemy is himself.

7.) Monkey lovers.

8.) This monkey is just taking in his beach vacation.

9.) This chimp is trying to figure out the technical logistics of Katy Perry’s “Firework” video.

10.) This orangutan needs a pep talk.

11.) This monkey knows how to strike a pose.

12.) Monkey selfie.

13.) This monkey aims to be one of Santa’s little helpers.

14.) Dude, this monkey… I’ve never seen a more intense monkey in my entire life.

15.) I picture these monkeys harmonizing a Beach Boys song.

16.) How do you clean your capybaras? I prefer monkey service.

17.) This baboon knows his rights.

18.) Peace, love, and tiny, sleepy little monkeys.

19.) This chimp thinks he’s a puppy.

20.) This monkey is ready for Halloween (and hopping into my next nightmare).

21.) This monkey is taking advantage of the neighborhood pot-luck.

I always wanted to high-five a monkey. I want to create elaborate hand shake, a secret only the monkey and I would share. I also want my monkey friend to dress exactly like me when we go out. We’d be the coolest guys at the party, Dr. Monkeykins and I. (I’m naming my monkey Dr. Monkeykins, by the way. Deal with it.)

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