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Life In Canada Is So Much Different, And Colder, Than Life Anywhere Else.

Canada. America’s northern neighbor. The great wilderness that few of us know about. Our country’s hat. What most Americans know about Canada is that they say “Eh” and that’s about it. (Maybe stuff about Rob Ford, too.)

To find out more about the fine country of Canada, I present examples of regular happenings in this fine sovereign nation. I’ll show you Canadian versions of things that are quite different from what we have in America. They range from awesome to weird, but all of it is 100% Canadian.

Love at first sight.

The most Canadian way to die.

Who would do that anyway?

That’s cold.

Awfully polite.

I found a car!

Why thank you, kind sirs.


You’re forgiven.

What a sweetheart.

Hey, they have to eat somehow.

How obscene!

What’s the answer?

Why would you ever want to trap a Canadian?

Hockey > Babes.

That’s convenient.

Not anymore.

This actually looks awesome.

Hooray! They all survive.


The ice makes it easier.

I’d love to do that.

Holy cow.

I hope we all learned a little bit about what life is like in Canada (it’s a magical, snowy wonderland where absolutely everyone is polite). I also hope we all plan to moving there now because it looks awesome! Who wouldn’t want to see moose in their back yard?

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