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Dems seek $100 million in taxpayer funds for Obama library; Disgust ensues


The Illinois House will vote soon on a Democrat proposal to offer $100 million in taxpayer funds to lure Barack Obama’s presidential library to the state, according to Andrew Malcolm at Investors Business Daily:


Hey, nobody expected there would be enough private funds available to construct Barack Obama’s presidential library after eight years of President Obama, did they?

The possibility of taxpayers being put on the hook to the tune of $100 million for a presidential library in a state already buried in debt is the source of anger and amazement for many:


Here’s an idea that seems to make sense:



In total, the Obama library is expected to cost in the area of $500 million, according to the Daily Caller. How much of that burden taxpayers will be saddled with remains to be seen.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/04/18/he-raised-1b-for-campaign-dems-seeking-100-million-in-taxpayer-funds-for-obama-library-sparks-disgust/

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