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Did the State Dept. accomplish anything with these graphic photos?


"You guys made fun of our hashtags for the LAST TIME! *kicks dead terrorist*" – Psaki & Harf https://t.co/zwQ0eBF9GV pic.twitter.com/L43wAWlhBl

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) September 24, 2014

The State Department caused a bit of a stir with a recent tweet from its terrorism-focused Twitter account:

State Dept. ISIS photos

(Images censored by Twitchy. Click on the screenshot to see the original tweet.)

The @ThinkAgain_DOS is an official State Department Twitter account with the purpose of spreading “truths about terrorism.” And as ABC News reports, @ThinkAgain_DOS tweets like the one above are “meant to dissuade anyone from being radicalized and becoming a terrorist.”

But for some, the photos aren’t so much a deterrent to terrorists as an exercise in bad taste:

@ThinkAgain_DOS Brought to you by the same people who think that Marie Harf as State Dept. Spokesperson is a good idea.

— Flannel Advisor (@DerpFlannel) September 24, 2014

Why would the State Department tweet something like this? Not only is it inappropriate, it's unprofessional. https://t.co/DiKH8zpNHf

— Sgt. Sugar Tits (@GOPMommy) September 24, 2014

Is there some reason for the corpse-porn? Are these people important or something? Or do you just groove on this? @ThinkAgain_DOS

— No-Tel Lounge (@NoTelLounge) September 24, 2014

@ThinkAgain_DOS WTF? This is from our State Department? What are you, third-world jihadist wanna-bes? & ISIS expands even during airstrikes

— Carolyn Schuster (@NWcarol28) September 24, 2014

@ThinkAgain_DOS wow really?! This is quite unnecessary…what are you trying to accomplish with this? Who runs this account…a 15yo??

— Suzanna Merza (@SuzannaRegina2) September 24, 2014

Photos like this may rub some people the wrong way, and we can certainly debate the effectiveness of this particular State Department strategy. But here’s a question worth asking: Would anyone object to seeing these corpse photos?

@ThinkAgain_DOS Where's the Bin Laden photos???

— Jon McC (@fatdaddybulldog) September 24, 2014

@ThinkAgain_DOS Hey DOS, I want to see Bin Laden's pics. I know you took them. Show us damnit.

— kevin beck (@beckkevray) September 24, 2014

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/09/24/did-the-state-dept-accomplish-anything-with-these-graphic-photos/

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