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Meghan McCain thinks she can get the GOP to care about global warming


What’s sad is that the people at Salon and their readers actually believe this stuff:

Credit where it's due, @meghanmccain has a brilliant strategy to convince Republicans climate change is real http://t.co/Jh3bwr07Y1

— Salon.com (@Salon) September 23, 2014

Okay, then. Let’s see Ms. McCain’s “brilliant” action plan:

On Monday, TakePart Live Host Meghan McCain spoke about Republicanism and climate change, and introduced a great idea about “rebranding” climate change to appeal to more conservative voters.

“I do watch Fox News at night on occasion — and a lot of the time you see people throwing around climate change: ‘Of course climate change isn’t real! This is just a liberal issue!’” She argued. “I think this is a cultural issue.”

“If we make this more accessible to people and turn this into a cultural issue,” she continued, “meaning, Republicans you’re not going to be able to hunt and fish as much — which I love doing — if there is no fucking fish to get!”

That’s “brilliant”? Honestly, these people literally think humans are doing the impossible and “killing” the planet, and their last, best hope is Meghan McCain cursing about fish?

Even people who follow McCain don’t buy it:

@MeghanMcCain @TakePartLive How do you teach science to the willfully ignorant? Branding isn't the answer.

— Four Legsgood (@4lgsgood) September 23, 2014

@MeghanMcCain @TakePartLive You want to rebrand Climate Change for Republicans and actually do something about it? Get it out of the UN.

— fd2190 (@fd2190) September 23, 2014

@MeghanMcCain @TakePartLive its not a cultural issue, it is a Science issue, and many republicans are ignorant about Science #DaTruth

— Thomas Yoing (@TMYi001) September 23, 2014

And are there any conservative who like her idea?

Meghan McCain: GOP Must Accept Climate Change or There Will Be ‘No F*cking Fish to Get’: TakePart Live Host Meghan McCain said Monday…

— Ezequiel R. (@Niino_Rosario) September 23, 2014

.@Ramtoad what drives me nuts about that is Meghan McCain thinks she has "fellow Republicans". Just fellow RINOs Meghan. @Mediaite

— EricD (@TheMotleyMind) September 23, 2014

When the world needs an opinion on the science of global warming, the world turns to….Meghan McCain? #headanvil

— Tim Graham (@TimJGraham) September 23, 2014

The media is trying to make Meghan McCain the brains of the GOP.

— Ken Diesel (@KenDiesel) September 23, 2014

Sorry, libs. It’s more than a branding problem — it’s a mathematics problem. Try presenting to conservatives actual, concrete numbers that show how much fighting global warming will cost and what the world will get in return. That would be a good start.


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