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Over The Years, Technology Has Changed More Than You Realize In The World.

There’s no doubt that technology has changed our lives. You can argue whether it’s been for better or for worse, but you can’t deny that the world is now different because of it. Just take a look around you, is anyone around you not currently utilizing new technology? Even if it’s only you in a room, you’re reading this on some sort of computer, phone, or tablet, aren’t you? Technology hasn’t only changed the way we live our lives, but our language too. Take a look at these words whose meanings have been totally modified because of technology!  

1.) Web

At least the spider’s web is easier to get out of.

2.) Surfing

Snuggies are like the wet suits of surfing the web.

3.) Mouse

Which one’s cuter?

4.) Blackberry

They’re both an acquired taste.

5.) Keys

Which type do you prefer?

6.) Status

Do you like the direction this word is headed in?

7.) Specs

I see.

8.) Wall

Does that make unwanted comments graffiti?

9.) Wallpaper

Love what you’ve done with the place where you keep those icons.

10.) Homepage

Wow. I totally forgot about pagers.

11.) Application

Is there an application application yet?

12.) Monitor

The only thing harder to keep track of than those kids are these new definitions.

13.) Traffic

The second certainly seems better for the environment.

14.) Link

I see the connection.

15.) Window

I like the one that has less cleaning involved.

16.) Memory

I remember that.

17.) Apple

the originals certainly taste better.

18.) Tweets

Do you follow?

19.) Menu

I was wondering why it was so hard to find the appetizers.

20.) Community

We’re all in this together.

(via Full Punch)

Those are some pretty big changes! Makes you wonder what the previous sentence will mean a few years down the road. Or that one. Or this one! … Wow. Who knew the future would be this exhausting? Eh, maybe someone will invent some sort of technology that’ll sort it all out.

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