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Choudary: ‘Muslims must reject unIslamic ideas of democracy/freedom’


Anjem Choudary is a hate spewing Islamic preacher from Britain who was arrested a few days ago for allegedly being a member of a banned terrorist group. He’s out on bail now and ramping up his extremist rhetoric calling for a totalitarian Islamic state.

@anjemchoudary @chriswright1304 The kafirs are so stupid they don't even know who Allah is

— Abdullah Al-Afriki (@AlIfrikani) September 28, 2014

Muslims reject to worship anything tangible (Ma'boud) or follow any ideas (Matbou) or obey any people (Muta'ah) other than Allah exclusively

— Anjem Choudary (@anjemchoudary) September 28, 2014

@isisinamerica @anjemchoudary Being a Muslim is to take Islam as whole, and shari'a is the life system of Islam, you can't ignore it.

— الموحّد اليتيم (@blackbannercarr) September 28, 2014

Muslims must reject the unIslamic ideas of democracy/freedom and they must not obey the rulers ruling by other than what Allah has revealed!

— Anjem Choudary (@anjemchoudary) September 28, 2014

@anjemchoudary Shariah law is a perfect way of life Subahan'allah pic.twitter.com/xz3Xdu9Qeg

— AbuTaherAlBritani (@islamisbeauty14) September 28, 2014

If we do not rule solely by what Allah has revealed then we will face humiliation & the punishment of Allah in this life & in the hereafter!

— Anjem Choudary (@anjemchoudary) September 28, 2014

@anjemchoudary here what every muslim must do NOW : pic.twitter.com/TRvcJplcvH

— عبد المنتقم (@Ba_Ssemm) September 28, 2014

Look, a peace loving Religion of Peace practitioner peacefully swinging the hatchet of peace at an infidel. How peaceful.

One of the ways in which many people commit Shirk Akbar today & leave the fold of Islam is by associating with Allah in ruling or obedience!

— Anjem Choudary (@anjemchoudary) September 28, 2014

@anjemchoudary Like Arab traitors they are the curse of Allah SWT Their days are numbered Wallahi sheikh they'll pay for what they've done.

— AbuTaherAlBritani (@islamisbeauty14) September 28, 2014

We must declare invalid, hate, keep distance from, have animosity to & declare Kufr for anything worshipped obeyed or followed except Allah!

— Anjem Choudary (@anjemchoudary) September 28, 2014

@anjemchoudary you should move to Syria, you'd love it there

— Exquisitine Swaggart (@PoachesJanitors) September 28, 2014

We can understand how the Messenger Muhammad (saw) & his companions conquered the Roman/Persian Empires for the sake of Laa Ilaaha Ila Allah

— Anjem Choudary (@anjemchoudary) September 28, 2014

We must give up Shirk, Kufr & bidda'ah before we take up Tawheed, Imaan & Sunnah: At-Takhalli Qabla Tahallie (to give up before you take up)

— Anjem Choudary (@anjemchoudary) September 28, 2014

Islam means Istislaam i.e submission To have la Ilaaha Ila Allah in Ruling Economy Social Judicial Foreign Policy Ritual & Personal system

— Anjem Choudary (@anjemchoudary) September 28, 2014

@anjemchoudary There's no alternative law other then Allah's law the shariah the perfect system for everyone Allahu Akbar.

— AbuTaherAlBritani (@islamisbeauty14) September 28, 2014

Quick, someone send him one of these.


That will certainly turn him around.

London Imam, Anjem Choudary, arrested on terror charges & recently released speaks exclusively to Hannity (Mon 10PM) #Hannity @seanhannity

— Ainsley Earhardt (@ainsleyearhardt) September 28, 2014

@ainsleyearhardt @seanhannity why does he keep inviting that asshole, nobody wants to hear what he says

— peter fack (@fackinpeter) September 28, 2014

Nobody wants to hear it. Some people need to hear it though.



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