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St. Louis Mo. Police Dept. posts photos of vandalized vehicles


As Twitchy reported early this morning, angry residents of south St. Louis reacted to the fatal police shooting of an 18-year-old by gathering in the street and vandalizing police cars which responded to the scene. Thursday afternoon, the St. Louis Missouri Police Department posted photos of the damage to the police vehicles.

Photos of the 3 @SLMPD vehicles damaged during last night's unrest, w/ broken tail lights,windows, wipers & dents: pic.twitter.com/xVN7gYVRgW

— St. Louis, MO Police (@SLMPD) October 9, 2014

2 other @SLMPD vehicles have since been found to have damages, with broken rear tail lights.

— St. Louis, MO Police (@SLMPD) October 9, 2014

In late September, several Michael Brown supporters brushed off a drive-by shooting at an off-duty police officer by noting that the officer was “only” injured by flying glass.Similarly, several seemed to see nothing wrong with smashing out the windows of police cars.

@SLMPD @KMcN62 Can't believe it wasn't way worse considering another kid was killed.

— No Justice No Peace (@drumbeats4peace) October 9, 2014

@SLMPD wow that sucks. Almost worst than that kid you guys murdered in cold blood last night.

— Chocobo Rancher (@_KingMontana) October 9, 2014

@SLMPD stop worrying about your damn windows. You murdered a kid last night.

— Rae Cailliach (@scottishtoodler) October 9, 2014

@SLMPD who cares? The taxes of the citizens you brutalize will pay for a broken window/dent you are all still poor excuses for human beings

— BlkPhilosophersStone (@HarmonyEliana) October 9, 2014

@SLMPD @scottishtoodler Damage to property is repairable and often insured, Human Life on the other hand is NOT.

— Louis (@stand_righteous) October 9, 2014

@SLMPD @FOX2now I bet y'all didn't leave this vehicle in the street for four hours.

— Ethan Obama (@EthanObama) October 9, 2014

@justincapps @SLMPD Apparently possessions > black lives to the police #BlackLivesMatter

— Ariel Vanfossen (@ArielVanfossen) October 9, 2014

Cars are damaged all day in the projects and no one post it on Twitter and calls it unrest @SLMPD pic.twitter.com/4agRpJnHA1

— Haunted Love (@truemira) October 9, 2014

Yo!!! I am so fucking hating the lying ass @SLMPD #fuckthepolice

— Haunted Love (@truemira) October 9, 2014

@SLMPD You shot a boy 16 times and you're worried about car windows? Get a fucking grip.

— MyeongWol 곰 (@UghSpareMe) October 9, 2014

@SLMPD Two St. Louis, MO Police vehicles were shot. God. The horror.

— MyeongWol 곰 (@UghSpareMe) October 9, 2014

The police did find a few supporters.

@SLMPD I'm sickened to see what's going in US cities. I stand with ALL of the brave law enforcement officers who keep us all safe each day.

— MotoWolfe (@MotoWolfe) October 9, 2014

@SLMPD @KyleStrunk please be safe out there. This world is taking a nose dive!

— Shelley (@S__H__E__L__L) October 9, 2014

@SLMPD @gatewaypundit The guy fired on a cop. Justifiable to return fatal gunfire.

— Dixie Red Rocket (@DixieRedRocket) October 9, 2014

@SLMPD you guys showed massive restraint. Thanks to all you men/women for keeping us safe. Have a safe night and weekend.

— Just Me (@sleepygirlone) October 9, 2014

@SLMPD police spit on, cursed at, too. Showed tremendous courage by their restraint; residents are grateful and proud.

— Andy Banker (@andybankertv) October 9, 2014



Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/10/09/stop-worrying-about-your-damn-windows-st-louis-police-post-photos-of-vandalized-vehicles/

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