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‘Love one another’: Tim Tebow tweets John 13:34, fans say ‘Amen!’

http://twitter.com/#!/jlewis7546/status/435228194027745280 Football star Tim Tebow took to social media tonight to spread the Good Word. http://twitter.com/#!/TimTebow/status/435224366495072256 Fans cheered and shared the love and joy. http://twitter.com/#!/kaleighsmyrk/status/435229099171147776 http://twitter.com/#!/dhcollins11/status/435165039889494016 http://twitter.com/#!/LS_IA_gwt/status/435231796079251456 http://twitter.com/#!/SWesleyB/status/435228189883764736 Amen to this: http://twitter.com/#!/AlapahaOutfitr/status/435230519216046080 Celebrities and athletes using social media to share their faith instead of sordid selfies and drunken rants are …

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Arizona high school coach suspended two games for praying with team

http://twitter.com/#!/azc_obert/status/513064625882300416 A high school football coach in Tempe, Ariz., has been suspended for two games for praying with his team before a game. 2 Games. Hmmm Same as RR orig got for KNOCKING OUT girlfriend. Tempe Prep FB coach suspended for praying w/ his team http://t.co/3VgTJJ7DOX — Tom Brown (@TomBrownAZ) …

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Must-read tweets hammer the anti-hunting Left’s #WarOnWomen

http://twitter.com/#!/moderncomments/status/487976065890271233 For two weeks, anti-hunting screechers savaged 19-year-old big game hunter Kendall Jones with death wishes, threats and their weapon of choice — misogyny. When the media discovered that 17-year-old World Cup fan Axelle Despiegelaere had posted a hunting photo on Facebook, all hell broke loose. L’Oréal was quick to distance itself from the newly …

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‘Don’t get saltwater on my mink!’ Johnny Weir’s fishing trip was epic [pics, video]

http://twitter.com/#!/uptonbell/status/433757996426883072 You know that saying, “go big or go home”? Figure skater Johnny Weir chose to go big — very big: http://twitter.com/#!/JohnnyGWeir/status/433697808026464257 This we’ve gotta see. http://twitter.com/#!/TheVinnyJoseph/status/433996326162804737 http://twitter.com/#!/FashionFixMN/status/433977389719105536 http://twitter.com/#!/dawn9476/status/433754249504108545 http://twitter.com/#!/mattsheepherd/status/433985360503533568 http://twitter.com/#!/BrianPHickey/status/433758028211687425 Let’s go to the videotape! ( function() { var func = function() { var iframe_form = document.getElementById(‘wpcom-iframe-form-84101d4e01843485c370761aad72b554-54098ce9666aa’); var iframe …

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‘Whyyyy’: Viewers blast Michelle Obama’s appearance on Puppy Bowl

http://twitter.com/#!/snowed_in/status/430071526755270656 Michelle Obama (along with the family dogs) made an appearance during Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl. Many viewers really wanted a viewing experience free from politics, but it wasn’t to be: http://twitter.com/#!/RossElmo/status/430098087357325313 http://twitter.com/#!/KRenner2/status/430087717448187904 http://twitter.com/#!/KRenner2/status/430086043241426944 http://twitter.com/#!/kesgardner/status/430090034268471296 http://twitter.com/#!/ellencarmichael/status/430088875097477120 http://twitter.com/#!/_RikkiB/status/430086336674934784 http://twitter.com/#!/Odie551/status/430086283465998336 http://twitter.com/#!/dayjtd93/status/430085906998235136 http://twitter.com/#!/rjmoran1029/status/430085882964480000 http://twitter.com/#!/paytonk95/status/430069458854350849 http://twitter.com/#!/michellesorochk/status/430069386804617216 Yeah!! Puppy Bowl!!! So excited! Oh wait. Michelle …

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Falcons’ Roddy White deletes tweet moaning about fantasy football, apologizes

http://twitter.com/#!/roddywhiteTV/status/510594537635708928 Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White apologized for posting a tweet moaning about losing his fantasy football matchup this Sunday due to the Adrian Peterson indictment and deactivation. Roddy White why? pic.twitter.com/yqx3sSglgU — Will Brinson (@WillBrinson) September 13, 2014 @WillBrinson first comment says it all. pic.twitter.com/BODG8hxeEr — Danny (@recordsANDradio) …

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