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November, 2017

January, 2017

  • 20 January

    Weiner’s sexting partner proposes her ‘orgasmic’ 2016 ticket

    http://twitter.com/#!/StevenGoldsch/status/489251206686969856 http://twitter.com/#!/chuck_dizzle/status/489253364484431873 http://twitter.com/#!/sydneyelainexo/status/489250533212184577 Sweet mother of… From now on let’s not ever include Alan Grayson, Elizabeth Warren and orgasms in the same sentence. Paragraph even. http://twitter.com/#!/sydneyelainexo/status/489251047937159168 Is there an emoticon for a “spit take?” http://twitter.com/#!/sydneyelainexo/status/489251809551454208 Actually, the fact that your views involve an Elizabeth Warren/Alan Grayson ticket is what makes them less valid. …

  • 19 January

    ‘Ewww’: Alan Grayson offers ‘friends with benefits’ access to donors

    http://twitter.com/#!/RedAlert/status/411138519524843522 Red Alert Politics reports that a fundraising email from the office of Rep. Alan Grayson offered “friends with benefits” access to the congressman. Visit Red Alert for the creepy screenshot. http://twitter.com/#!/collegepolitico/status/410914169991335936 We couldn’t find any takers, but in all honesty our stomachs weren’t strong enough to spend very much …

December, 2016

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