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August, 2016

  • 30 August

    Jay ‘Sgt. Schultz’ Carney: ‘Ask East Wing’ who paid for FLOTUS’ birthday party

    http://twitter.com/#!/OverTheEdge55/status/426055226815426560 Need more proof that Jay Carney is the perfect press secretary for President Obama? Here you go: http://twitter.com/#!/gretawire/status/426054623275646976 If only Jay’d had a squirrel handy. Every little distraction helps! http://twitter.com/#!/mickeynu477/status/426055137329545216 Gotta love this administration. http://twitter.com/#!/stevzgal17/status/426055248923205633 http://twitter.com/#!/nowthatssinging/status/426054648571887617 http://twitter.com/#!/THodgson2011/status/426055642801926144 Almost as good as this run-around answer: http://twitter.com/#!/totalkaosdave1/status/426058648322727936 Heh. *** Related: Fawn-tastic: …