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September, 2016

  • 15 September

    ‘Like pajama-clad pantywaists?’ FACT! These replies to @BarackObama win

    http://twitter.com/#!/BarackObama/status/413371390591393792 Heavy sigh. Will the idjits at OFA never learn? They really need to realize that the use of “FACT” coming from the @BarackObama Twitter account is merely a sweet siren call for mockery! http://twitter.com/#!/HayArnold982/status/413377518738370560 Take it away, Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/CarolinaFive/status/413373935380463616 Ding, ding, ding! Period. http://twitter.com/#!/SteSchmieg/status/413377698853965824 http://twitter.com/#!/Me_In_Jersey/status/413379071930662912 Hard truths. http://twitter.com/#!/EdwardMKE/status/413375428523339777 Painfully …