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  • 15 July

    Carney spins ‘laughable’ yarn about bringing Benghazi killers to justice

    http://twitter.com/#!/NiceDeb/status/461910585236393985 An embattled White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters today that the administration is focused on bringing the Benghazi killers to justice. He wasn’t getting much traction with that line though. http://twitter.com/#!/ZekeJMiller/status/461907636330721281 http://twitter.com/#!/AndreaTantaros/status/461904038196289537 http://twitter.com/#!/PatiWoodburn/status/461900779012767744 http://twitter.com/#!/Timodc/status/461902134934790144 http://twitter.com/#!/mychalmassie/status/461903452893761536 *** Related: ‘LIAR’: This is why Jay Carney was trending on Twitter ‘Unbelievable’! ‘Lying …

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December, 2016

  • 6 December

    Byron York points out Hillary’s hypocrisy over testifying about Benghazi

    http://twitter.com/#!/CoachRobertWard/status/475638682331119617 Hillary Clinton tells ABC that her decision whether or not to testify about Benghazi depends on how the committee conducts itself. http://twitter.com/#!/rickklein/status/475639971182043137 http://twitter.com/#!/mkraju/status/475640042925608960 So we’re now at a point where a person only has to testify if he or she feels that the committee has conducted itself appropriately? Lovely. http://twitter.com/#!/Mamadoxie/status/475636066095886339 Meanwhile, Byron York points out the hypocrisy …

November, 2016

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