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September, 2017

  • 22 September

    This Ruth Buzzi Miley Cyrus on horseback impression is great [photo]

    http://twitter.com/#!/mikekarnes16/status/423092105469108224 Classy and hilarious! Check out the comedian’s Miley Cyrus impression: http://twitter.com/#!/Ruth_A_Buzzi/status/423074551564472320 Ha! http://twitter.com/#!/FredSchreiber1/status/423075515163897856 http://twitter.com/#!/ThatBatGirl/status/423077689633681409 She’ll work on that one next! In the meantime, here is Ms. Buzzi’s snark-tastic point about legalized pot in Colorado: http://twitter.com/#!/Ruth_A_Buzzi/status/423083770376224768 A question for the ages. Related: Ruth Buzzi: ‘Entertainers should entertain,’ leave politics to …

February, 2017