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  • 31 January

    ‘Sass on a snow day’: Chris Christie takes delicious swipe at ‘The Newsroom’

    http://twitter.com/#!/centofante/status/419140839810818048 Whoever’s behind the Twitter account named after the lead character on HBO’s snoozy “The Newsroom” is apparently annoyed by Chris Christie’s winter storm tweets: http://twitter.com/#!/WillMcAvoyACN/status/419132533901508608 He was just asking for trouble — and Governor Christie gave it to him good: http://twitter.com/#!/GovChristie/status/419138960216952833 Do we smell a burn? http://twitter.com/#!/redsteeze/status/419139627757633536 http://twitter.com/#!/SeucT/status/419139453269970944 http://twitter.com/#!/alexbarinka/status/419140535878561792 …

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