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  • 25 October

    ‘Who gives a prancing crap’? Priorities-challenged WaPo covers poll about Obama’s blackness

    http://twitter.com/#!/JessC_MB/status/455738459094020096 Good news! All the problems of the world have apparently been solved, so The Washington Post can now focus on the stuff that really matters to the American people: http://twitter.com/#!/TheFix/status/455736342740086784 For some, that headline was decidedly provocative: http://twitter.com/#!/EmoNegro1/status/455744935053246464 http://twitter.com/#!/owillis/status/455740909804867584 http://twitter.com/#!/katekilla/status/455741669946564608 Note: WaPo’s Cillizza is not “on the right.” http://twitter.com/#!/BeachPeanuts/status/455742293841305600 http://twitter.com/#!/GlomarResponder/status/455740795891748864 http://twitter.com/#!/ritaag/status/455746711055765504 …