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August, 2016

  • 27 August

    Really? Michelle Obama wishes fellow ‘role model’ Beyoncé a happy birthday

    http://twitter.com/#!/RedGalBlueState/status/507653105300013056 Is there anything more special than Queen Bey’s birthday? http://twitter.com/#!/FLOTUS/status/507639419877081088 FLOTUS even initialed the tweet. So you know it’s sincere. http://twitter.com/#!/redsteeze/status/507644229024501760 From one role model to another. http://twitter.com/#!/GOPMommy/status/507645869232230400 http://twitter.com/#!/JennTaskMaster/status/507653474582937600 http://twitter.com/#!/TSMcK1000/status/507654574778626048 Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets, and one tweet was replaced. The text was amended accordingly. *** …