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Massive crowds, tear gas at Hong Kong democracy protests vs. China [photos]

http://twitter.com/#!/byAlanWong/status/516192848899620864 Hong Kong protests in full swing. X pic.twitter.com/QEXfJywbAe — Jamie Campbell Bower (@Jamiebower) September 28, 2014 As Twitchy has reported previously this summer, pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong have put the Communist Party in Beijing on notice. This weekend, the marchers took to the streets again. And they’re back …

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Updates from the ‘umbrella revolution’ in Hong Kong [photos]

http://twitter.com/#!/AFP/status/516516863761973248 The pro-democracy protests, named in the media as the “umbrella revolution” due to protesters defending themselves from tear gas and pepper spray with umbrellas, continue this morning with a report that China has blocked Instagram in an attempt to keep pictures and video from being shared with the worlds: …

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Greenwald: Canada’s ‘wallowing in war glory’ caused terrorist attacks

http://twitter.com/#!/iowahawkblog/status/524939552616894464 The left, especially journalists, seem pathologically incapable of seeing Islamic radicalism as the cause of violence in any situation. Islamist fanatics only attack the west because the west has first done something to them. They intentionally ignore the fact that Islam has been a religion of conquest since its …

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Report: Airstrikes haven’t stopped ISIS from advancing in Iraq

http://twitter.com/#!/HeyTammyBruce/status/498226066755186688 Granted there had been only two reported airstrikes on ISIS forces in Iraq at the time of the report, but Fox News conveyed this morning that ISIS actually “expanded their drive near Iraqi Kurdistan Saturday.” The Islamic militants reportedly expanded their drive near Iraqi Kurdistan Saturday despite two U.S. airstrikes aimed …

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